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The logistics and supply chain system provides a reliable supply of commodities, and thus more people are likely to use health services. Strengthening and maintaining the supply chain is an investment that pays off in four ways. First, it enhances health programs’ outcomes. Secondly, it reduces losses due to overstock, waste, expiry, damage, pilferage, and inefficiency. Third, it protects other major program investments; and lastly, it maximizes the potential for cost recovery.


In order to provide medicine and other health products to as many people as possible, GaneshAID aims to support the equitable access of sufficient quantities of quality-assured medicines and other health products.  Optimized Procurement and Supply chain Management (PSM) helps countries reducing cost inefficiencies, ensuring the reliability and security of the distribution system, encourage the appropriate usage of health products, and continuously monitor and evaluate the procurement process.

GaneshAID is engaged in optimizing countries’ procurement and supply chain management (PSM) systems for constant and sustained access to quality-assured essential medicines and vaccines, under the right conditions, to the right place, at the right time, and for the right cost. In its commitment in health logistics and supply chain, GaneshAID mobilizes expertise in:

  • Supply Chain
  • Quality Assurance
  • Market dynamics
  • Change management
  • Human resources for health
  • Advocacy
  • Training and capacity building
  • IT solutions

Since 2015, GaneshAID has been involved in supporting leadership and management groups named “National Logistics Working Groups”. This is performed in the framework of the WHO-UNICEF Immunization Supply Chain and Logistics Hub and the TechNet community.


  • Conducting a landscape analysis study on National Logistics Working groups (NLWGs) in 43 countries – 2015
  • Developing a Toolkit and Guidance document to support NLWGs - 2016
  • Designing generic terms of reference of NLWGs
  • Defining core indicators to measure NLWG’s performance
  • Facilitation of the UNICEF forum on immunization Supply Chain Management (iSCM) practitioners.  Copenhagen, Denmark – May 2016
  • Facilitation of the GAVI-AMP Regional Conference on Leadership for supply chain of health products and vaccines. Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire – June 2016.
  • Facilitation of the ESARO-UNICEF workshop in immunization Supply Chain Management (iSCM). Entebbe, Uganda – August-September 2016
  • Instructional designing of health logistics and supply chain training programs and materials