Business Development and Partnership Manager
Eric Vivien is in charge of implementing GaneshAID’s business development strategy. In his role, he identifies, maintains, and shapes our services to best address clients’ needs. He develops partnerships with customers to provide insights into new development requests for technologies and innovative public health solutions.

He is dedicated to networking with customers and suppliers to build the most cost-effective business platform for a non-profit marketplace. Eric is eager to make clients’ challenges ours and GaneshAID’s knowledge theirs. Before joining GaneshAID, he worked for 11 years in multiple cultural environments as a scientist and as a cooperation officer.

He has extensive experience in international networking, particularly in pooling resources and sharing best practices. He supported the balanced partnership-building of stakeholders across 60 universities in Europe and Asia. Eric set up a community of practices and supported long-term strategies to foster collaboration and work opportunities. He is passionate about organizations that enable creativity and innovations in client solutions. He’s dedicated to ensuring GaneshAID’s commitment and credibility to ensure loyal relationships with clients.

Eric holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Montpellier (France) and conducted post-doctoral research on cervical cancer in India.