Our practices are driven by its dedication to protect and improve people's health

Technology for PH

We are fostering innovative solutions because integrating technology is crucial to solving existing health system and service problems... 

Our world is changing, and new technology is central to this change. Significant advances in technology have allowed greater access to public health perspectives, and created new opportunities to deliver cost-effective health services beyond the traditional avenues. 

GaneshAID supports the potential applications of technology for public health to reinforce health systems and ensure efficient and safe healthcare. This is possible by building & strengthening basic e-Health systems as part of health programs and as a crucial investment for the future.

  • Disease tracking
  • Patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Data monitoring
  • SMS and VMS for health promotion 
  • Online database
  • Disease prevention and control web-based platform
  • Learning Management System (LMS) and e-learning modules
  • Mobile Applications


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