Accountant and Administrator
Hanh Bui is in charge of developing and monitoring GaneshAID’s financial and accounting systems. In her position, she collects and analyzes financial information to make recommendations on the efficient use of resources and procedures. She provides strategic solutions to business and financial problems.

Hanh is assigned to handle the full spectrum of finances and accounting to ensure compliance with the current accounting regulations and financial controls. She is also in charge of administrative procedures within the office and ensures effective coordination with international, national, and provincial partners and authorities.

Prior to joining GaneshAID, Hanh worked for almost 11 years as an accountant and administrator in both public and private sectors for organizations including Hanoi National Reserve Department, NKB Architecture Company, and the Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP). She has solid experience in managing finances and accounting, such as preparing all declaration reports for tax authorities, budget forecasts, and financial proposals. She ensures that all agreements with partners are respected and negotiated according to standard administrative and accounting management principles.