Our practices are driven by its dedication to protect and improve people's health


GaneshAID reinforces health services through skilled and well distributed health workers…

Low and middle income countries are facing inequitable access to health care. This situation is exacerbated by a shortage of human resources for health that is characterized by unbalanced health workforce distribution, brain drain, insufficient quality of pre- and in-service training. In this context, we:

  • Instructional design innovative blended training programs to improve quality of health services
  • Build training institutes’ capacity to reinforce curricula to produce skilled health workforce
  • Advocate for last miles's health workforce
  • Harness the use of multimedia and IT to scale up health manpower 
  • Designing training system: face-to-face training, supportive supervision, e-learning and m-learning, serious games, alternate reality game, and blended training
  • Developing competency-based training package: interactive lectures, case studies, role plays, interactive scenarios, workplace practice, project-based learning, action learning
  • Assessment and evaluation: Training Needs Assessment (TNA), summative evaluation, formative evaluation, and normative evaluation
  • Cultivate communities of practice: creating e-communities of health workers, developing online library of technical resources, evidence and best practices
  • Advocacy for equitable access to health workforce

The solution to the challenge of the last mile is for LMCI to join public and private forces in the journey towards deploying last mile’s health workers