Senior Health System Strengthening Specialist
As a Senior Health System Strengthening Specialist, Dorothy Leab designs and implements interventions to improve the performance of health systems at the national level. She provides technical support to high-performing health workforces through capacity building.

Likewise, she delivers technical assistance in the areas of health advocacy and policy, quality of health service delivery, and equitable access to medicine and vaccines with good procurement and supply systems. Since August 2015, Dorothy Leab has been working as a UNICEF consultant in the framework of the comprehensive Effective Vaccine Management Initiative. In particular, she has provided technical support to National Logistic Working Groups (NLWGs). Dorothy has over 20 years of experience in designing and managing successful public health and capacity-building projects in more than 20 countries across Africa and Asia. She led fundraising campaigns for multiple projects supported by Save the Children, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNICEF, WHO, World Bank, UNESCO, Biocodex, GSK, and Sanofi.

Dorothy received the 2014 Gates Vaccine Innovation Award in recognition of her engagement in EPIVAC, an on-the-job training program for district medical officers to improve immunization program performance in 11 Francophone African countries.

Dorothy holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Economics from the University of Paris XII in France.

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Capacity Building and Learning Specialist
Anne-Sophie Vandamme is in charge of capacity-building programs and IT solutions in the field of public health at GaneshAID. In her position, she develops long-term training/mentoring programs, including IT solutions. Her role is to design sustainable capacity-building programs consisting of on-the-job training

and coaching in the areas of disease prevention and health promotion, health supply chains and logistics, and human resources for health. Capacity-building packages are developed in accordance with a competency-based training approach. Likewise, she brings in innovative learning solutions such as blended training, e-learning, m-learning, and supportive supervision. She develops collaborative approaches with developing countries, NGOs, and other non-profit organizations in Asia and Africa.

Anne-Sophie has developed expertise in linguistics and pedagogy. She is skilled in analyzing learning content, instructional designing, and learning methods and techniques. She is passionate about digital humanities, innovative technologies, and IT solutions that empower health and immunization professionals. For 10 years, she has been a trainer and a coach for young adults in Cambodia. In recent years, she has developed expertise in multimedia instructional designing for academic and UN agency projects.

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Training Officer
Trang Nguyen is in charge of instructional design training packages for face-to-face training courses, distance learning, and blended training at GaneshAID. In her role, she identifies learning objectives and techniques, and creates competency-based learning content and sequences. She also works with the training team to create outstanding learning tools, online tutorials, and other materials.

In her role, Trang also helps to develop protocols and tools for training needs assessments and learning evaluation measurements.

Trang has practical experience in using Learning Management System (LSM) platforms, developing e-learning modules, and writing training specification documents. She is interested in providing innovative learning solutions to reinforce health workforce capacities, and ultimately to prevent diseases from spreading in communities.

Trang was involved in developing e-learning packages to prevent diabetes type 2,  to promote adolescent health in Vietnam, and to reinforce health workers’ capacities to introduce a Hepatitis B birth dose in Africa.   

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E-health developer
Tung Duong is responsible for designing innovative and practical IT solutions that will reinforce health systems and services in developing countries. He oversees and controls digital products at GaneshAID. In his role, Tung develops low-cost e-health and m-health solutions, and conducts research to anticipate challenges in the health systems and services sector.

In particular, he designs, implements, and evaluates projects involving the use of web-based platforms, Learning Management Systems (LMS), e-learning modules, mobile applications for surveys, complex online databases, supportive supervision, and capacity building. Tung develops digital solutions that provide real-time offline/online data synchronization across all mobile platforms.

Tung is passionate about mobile applications and web development for dynamic e-health projects. He has developed hands-on experience in Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), databases (Oracle-TOAD, SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access), mobile apps development (Java for Android app), and software development (Java, J2SE including Swing, J2M2). He works with servers hosting Linus, Centos, Apache, and Windows Server. He is skilled in Web frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, and he develops solutions for different operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Prior to joining GaneshAID, Tung worked as an IT specialist in start-ups specializing  in IT outsource projects using open source software.

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IT specialist
Bien Hoang is responsible for integrating technology solutions for preventive health and health workforce projects. In his assignments, Bien develops various digital tools such as mobile survey applications, e-learning solutions, m-learning web-based platforms, and complex online databases. He is in charge of designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating IT projects at GaneshAID.

Before joining GaneshAID, Bien worked for four years as an independent consultant in the field of IT and mobile networks. He also worked for five years as a Web developer at the Agence de Médecine Préventive (AMP). In this role, he developed Web-based platforms, e-learning platforms (LMS), and mobile applications for various health programs, including the Expanded Program on Immunization, cholera, dengue, and childhood diarrhea disease.

Bien has a Master’s in Data Communication and Computer Networks from the University of Technology and Engineering – Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

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Health Promotion Expert
Carine Loisel is responsible for designing and implementing innovative approaches to better promote community health for GaneshAID. Her work focuses on community-oriented health intervention, especially in ethnic minority groups and impoverished areas. Since 1999, she has developed expertise in health education, reproductive health and childhood disease prevention and control.

She has international experience and implemented her work in the US (San Diego Public Health Institute), in Senegal, and in Vietnam.

Carine holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health and Health Promotion from the Universities of Lille and Nancy (France), and a University Diploma in tropical disease from the University of Paris 6 (France). Her background is as a physical therapist.

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Learning and Training Audit Expert
Eric Vivien has worked for over 11 years in multiple cultural environments as a scientist and as a cooperation officer in science, technology, and adult learning and education for the French Foreign Affairs. He has strong expertise in project management in complex settings, as well as experience working in developing countries.

For the last four years, he was in charge of coordinating a portfolio of over 90 university degrees (Bachelor and Master levels, national diplomas, and de-localized trainings) delivered in Southeast Asia. Specifically, he was in charge of the selection, evaluation, and quality control of these trainings. Overall, Eric has contributed to the development of a framework for standardized evaluation and the implementation of curricula in order to meet high-quality standards of international higher education.

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Public Health Consultant
Henri Mbengue is a senior specialist in health communication and education and has been working for 20 years in Senegal. He has developed extensive experience in community empowerment with a focus on influencing changes in habit and supporting the adoption of healthy behaviors.

As an officer of the Senegal Ministry of Health, he participated in designing the national Health Promotion policy and has developed a large range of health education materials and conducted social mobilization campaigns. He has a specific skill set enabling him to successfully facilitate training courses, retreats, and workshops.

Henri has worked in the areas of immunization, HIV-AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and child survival.

Henri joined GaneshAID’s international consultant network and works on public health and immunization projects implemented mainly in French-speaking African countries.

Henri has a Master’s in Public Health and a M.S. in Development and Reproductive Health from the University of Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar, Senegal.

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Senior consultant in Supply Chain, Quality Assurance, and market dynamics
Pierre is an international senior consultant with broad experience in strategic supply chains, planning, re-engineering, costing, training, and change management in health care. He holds an MSc in Finance and an MBA in Supply Chain and Change Management.

Pierre recently provided supply chain expertise to the PSM Hub of the Global Fund and national reviews of WHO’s HIV/AIDS response in Asia, and also assisted in the development of a national strategic supply chain plan for a coalition of international donors in Africa.

In 2007 and 2008, he worked with the British Columbia CDC on streamlining finance, data monitoring, forecasting, purchasing, and supply management for that province’s vaccine, STD/STI, TB, and harm reduction programs, and has continued providing expertise ever since.

Prior to this, he worked in finance, supply chain, and change management with a wide range of corporate clients in Europe and North America, including the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Since 2009, Pierre has provided technical assistance in Mauritius, Ivory Coast, DR of Congo, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Viet Nam and Thailand, among others, for USAID, Expertise France, OSF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, VillageReach, GMS/MSH, GFATM, UNDP, WHO, and some of GFATM’s principal recipients in prevention, diagnostics, and treatment. He is an expert on refrigerated and non-refrigerated medicines, health products and equipment related to vaccines, HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, hepatitis, and reproductive health for all stages of prevention, diagnostics, and treatment.

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Veterinarian & Senior Animal Health Specialist
Patrice Gautier is a veterinarian and senior expert in Animal Health. In his position at GaneshAID, he is responsible for promoting the collaborative “One Health” approach for the coordinated prevention of animal impact diseases at the human-animal interface.

Patrice designs and manages projects to reinforce the prevention and control of emerging pandemic diseases of animal origin with a specific focus on reducing risks of zoonotic potential, including foodborne diseases and severe animal diseases, at their source.

Prior to joining GaneshAID, Patrice accumulated over 20 years of experience in the animal sector and has visited over 40 countries for work purposes. In his extended experience, Patrice held the position of Head of Veterinarians Without Borders (NGO), then worked with several international agencies during the Avian Influenza epidemic. In addition, Patrice has been working as a senior expert at the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and has been involved in the evaluation of national veterinary services (the OIE PVS pathway).

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Communication and Advocacy Officer
Emily Petsko carries out social mobilization, health communication and advocacy activities related to GaneshAID’s immunization and health projects in Asia and Africa. She is in charge of strengthening program and project communications in close collaboration with managers, senior officers and clients, particularly in the areas of disease prevention and health promotion.

She issues informational and promotional materials, newsletters, reports, and talking points for senior managers. She also takes the lead in organizing media outreach and arranges all media contacts, press briefings and interviews in accordance with project needs and strategies. 

She develops a diverse range of communication plans and strategies to support clients’ needs and priorities.

Prior to joining our team, Emily worked on Vietnam-based communication projects for the Luxembourg Development Agency. She has written and edited articles for publications in the United States, Nepal, and Vietnam on topics including health, the environment, local government and education. She holds a dual bachelor’s degree in journalism and global cultural studies from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, US.

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Projects and Communications Officer
Minh Nguyen is in charge of managing a portfolio of projects and communicating key achievements of GaneshAID’s projects and partners. In her position, she ensures the systematic use of project management procedures and tools for all of GaneshAID’s projects. She establishes clients’ project dashboards and reports.

She establishes clients’ project dashboards and reports. In her role, Minh is assigned to communicate news and information to internal and external parties.

Prior to joining GaneshAID, Minh worked for almost nine years as a project assistant in public and iNGO sectors at the Hanoi Medical University, the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment, and the Agence de Médecine Preventive (AMP). She developed solid experience in project administration, including reinforcing project schedules, supporting the documentation of materials, translating, and preparing for field work. In her role, she participates in field surveys (qualitative data collection and community-oriented interventions, liaising with local partners).

Minh has a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam.

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