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Seeking viable solutions to issues affecting human health and well-being...

Low- and middle-income countries have to juggle multiple health priorities, higher costs of drugs and vaccines, a shortage of skilled workforce and a limited budget. As a result, investing in health interventions and programs should be appropriately prioritized. Therefore, relevant data and evidence must be taken into account to guide decisions on public health policies .  

Health PA

Enhancing the use of evidence-based decision making… 

Evidence-based decision-making (EBDM) requires the development, implementation and evaluation of effective programs and policies in public health. This can be achieved by applying principles of systematic data usage and information systems, as well as the appropriate use of program planning models. The most sustainable approach to a public health problem is chosen from a set of rational alternatives. However, developing countries insufficiently produce their own country-specific research. GaneshAID provides EBDM services on a consulting basis for efficient and viable public health interventions. In their practices, our consultants conduct research and studies for development, build developing countries’ capacities to produce their own country-specific research, and advocate for evidence-informed public health policies.  


  • Supporting countries in evidence-based immunization policies 
  • Advocating for Immunization financing in sub-Saharan Africa through innovative micro projects
  • Advocating for equitable access to available and skilled health workforce

GaneshAID provides consulting EBDM SERVICES for efficient and viable public health interventions. our consultants conduct applied research for development, build developing countries’ capacities to produce their own country-specific research and advocate for evidence-informed public health policies.