Teach to Reach is a forum for immunization professionals to share and explore recent advances in educational psychology and instructional design, and to discuss how best to use new strategies and tools to improve immunization training in developing countries.

Teach to Reach summit 2016 is the second conference which has been organized in Barcelona from 30 November to 01 December 2016. The summit welcomed designers, trainers, practitioners, and development partners to share knowledge for inspirational conversations and working sessions designed to assist the efforts to deliver life-saving vaccines to each and every child.

The theme of this year summit is Moving from Theory to Action. 

GaneshAID specialist joined the summit as a speaker. The specialist shared experience and opinion on how connection between training and practical implementation. From learning Acquisition to Skills Implementation emphasizes the importance of follow-up. learners for effective implementation of new skills into routine work. Performance indicators of follow-up can be developed to monitor new knowledge and skills implementation, and even possible positive effects of new professional behaviors on immunization services. Training followup is an essential component to fill the gap between learning acquisition and skills implementation for many training programs. 

You can access the presentation of GaneshAID's specialist at https://goo.gl/FxqjqD

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Monday, December 5, 2016