During the second week of November (7 – 11), GaneshAID’s health system strengthening specialist had a mission to Sierra Leone to provide technical assistance to the country in relation to establishment of the National Logistics Working Group and preparation and facilitation of the workshop on Effective Vaccine Management Improvement Plan.

Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) process is about embedding good storage and distribution standards and practices. The EVM assessment package is designed so that it can be used both as an assessment tool for systematic analysis of strengths and weaknesses across the supply chain as well as a supervisory aid to monitor and support the long-term progress of individual facilities for good storage and distribution of vaccines within the system.

Following this global trend, Sierra Leone Ministry of Health (MOH) through agrees to conduct EVM assessment in order to ensure that all the targeted beneficiaries who are the children under one year of age and Women of Childbearing Age (WCBA) are reached with high quality and effective vaccines against the targeted vaccine preventable diseases.

MOH Sierra Leone with support from UNICEF conducted EVMA from 24 to 28 October 2016. The strategic issues and recommendations of the 2016 EVM assessment are the foundation to develop the Effective Vaccine Management comprehensive Improvement Plan (EVM/cIP).

The two-day workshop on EVM/IP from November 10 – 11, aimed to gather key stakeholders who joined efforts to define supply chain expansion, and physical infrastructure improvements to accommodate present and future vaccines the Sierra Leone envisaged in the 2017-2021 cMYP. The participants included representatives from the MoH, the 13 health districts, and development partners and experts from UNICEF and WHO.

From the interception workshop October 24 – 28 identified 5 prioritized iSC essentials including Human Resources, Effective vaccine distribution, vaccine temperature management, Data for management and cold chain equipment.

The workshop went through seven sessions. Five groups representing for five iSCL fundamental essentials of Sierra Leone discussed and identified the issues, barriers, possible examples and proposing solutions for barriers of the essential.

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With the technical support from experts through the sessions, the five groups developed cIP per strategic focus area and by level. The cIP covers proposed activities, Applicable level, Responsible organization, Priority level, Impact, Date and Completion indicators.

The report of the workshop is available here.

For further information, please contact:

Dorothy Leab, Senior Health System Strengthening Specialist,

Tel: +84 4 32115770

(Written by Minh Nguyen)


Monday, November 14, 2016