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Nov. 2016
in Benin It is expected to have around 50 participants including National logisticians, Logistics...

Expert corner

GaneshAID is pioneering the concept of community empowerment through its health initiatives in Vietnam. Project ChildI-V in the northern Dien Bien Province has tackled the issue of diarrheal disease among young children by giving local residents the power and education to make healthy choices for themselves.“Community empowerment refers to the process by which people can gain control over the factors and decisions that shape their lives,” Loisel said. “Community empowerment therefore is more than the involvement, participation or engagement of communities. It implies community ownership and...
Vietnam has made remarkable strides in recent years. The nation has achieved three of its eight millennium development goals (MDGs) related to poverty eradication, universal primary education and gender equity in education, while also vastly reducing child mortality rates, improving maternal health, and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Despite this progress, many disparities still exist that disproportionately hold back poor, rural populations from achieving their full potential and enjoying the same benefits as their compatriots. For example, the under-five children...

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Our passion is a cornerstone of what we do, because preventing people from diseases matters.

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